CodeCleaner 1.02

CodeCleaner is a re-indenter and reformatter of C, C++, C#&...

CodeCleaner is a re-indenter and reformatter of C, C++, C#& Java source code. When indenting source code, we as software developers have a tendency to use both spaces and tab characters to create the wanted indentation.

Moreover, some editors by default insert spaces instead of tabs when pressing the tab key. Other editors (Emacs for example) have the ability to pretty up lines by automatically setting up the white space before the code on the line, possibly inserting spaces in a code that up to now used only tabs for indentation.

Since the NUMBER of space characters shown on screen for each tab character is editor specific, one of the standard problems facing software developers when moving from one editor to another mixed tab space indenting.

This is what causes code that was up to now perfectly indented to suddenly becomes a mess to look at when changing to a different editor. Even if you as a software developer take care to ONLY use spaces or tabs, looking at another software developer`s source code can still be problematic.

In addition most software developers are fanatic about line breaks and brace placement and indent. Most companies have a standard for this but it is generally a standard that a small group of people like and the rest dislike.